Something about Robin and Caitlin

August 20, 2006

RobinandCaitlinRobin and Caitlin have been called by the Lord to open their house to friends and neighbors to share life with those who want to follow Jesus and/or learn about Jesus. This is a new chapter in our journey with God, as we have both attended big church all of our lives. Over the last two years God has laid it on our hearts to transition to a more intimate format (simple/house church) and to reach out to those who aren’t connected with a group of believers.

We got married in 1990 and moved to the house on Raeford in 1999. We have a 19 yr old daughter, Emily, a 10 yr old son, Colton, and a 7 yr old son, Noah. Emily attends college at Lubbock Christian University (junior), and Colton & Noah attend Moss Haven elementary school (1st and 5th grade).

Robin works for EDS, a computer services company based in Plano. Most old-timers call it “Ross Perot’s old company”. He works as an information technology architect specializing in data warehousing. His hobbies are reading, walking, clay target shooting, and traveling. You can check out Robin’s journey to simple church over the last several months at http://ryeldell.wordpress.com.

Caitlin has been a full-time mom all of her professional life with part time jobs here and there, with a year-and-a-half stretch as a French teacher at Dallas Christian High School. She’s an Aggie and got her degree in English Literature.


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